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Article MarketingI mentioned this service – Article Marketing Automation or AMA in another post. I want to write more about why I like using it. First, in the past I have struggled to get backlinks to my websites. I totally did not want to buy backlinks from websites that sell links from their pages - doing that will get banned by Google. Plus those are lousy backlinks with no value in the long run.

So, I was introduced to using article marketing. The articles are unique articles and sometimes they are “spinned” which means they are rewritten using different words. Articles are spinned so that they can be shared to several websites for the other websites to use them as content. Spinning helps to avoid their being seen as “duplicate content” by the search engines.

So, I signed up for AMA, wrote some articles and those articles have keyword phrases that are links to some of my websites. Now I am slowly getting links to my websites and the ranking for those sites is getting better and better.

Details about Article Marketing Automation – You can put in as many articles as you want to with 3 links on each article. You also have to put some of your blogs in the system to recieve articles from other members. There are settings you use to indicate what niche you are in or what kind of article topics you want for your websites.

There is a built in article spinner that is so easy to use – AMA helps you rewrite your article so that all the sites that post your content will have a different version (no duplicates).

Well, I could write more, but if you are interested you can try out Article Marketing Automation for a month for free!  This is a great no-risk offer. So, if you are frustrated with not having enough backlinks or you really hate the article spinner you currently use – go try Article Marketing Automation.

If you have any trouble using the service, please contact me. I will show you how to do it!

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