Traffic-Bug – Improves Search Engine Rankings

Traffic-bug is a great tool for improving your website’s search engine rankings. With it’s ability to help you post your site to search engines, social bookmarking sites, Website directories and RSS directories, you’ll be able to to on autopilot while gaining more backlinks.

The great news for you, if you have any doubts, is that you can sign up for an 11 day free trial!

Traffic-Bug Free Trial

Try Traffic-Bug

Here are a few more details about the features and benefits:

  • Submits bookmarks to 43 of the top Social Bookmarking sites
  • Builds more bookmarks than any of their competitors – Over 200!
  • Rotates IP’s and social bookmarking accounts for every single submission
  • Automatically rotates titles and descriptions for every single post
  • Unlike other programs, you don’t have to create any social bookmarking accounts – Traffic-Bug creates all of them!
  • Constantly expanding the number of social bookmarking accounts!
  • Traffic-Bug submits your Blog Feed or RSS Feed to all the major RSS feed directories automatically.
  • Traffic-Bug submits your site to over 138 different search engines getting you indexed even faster by Google! Below are just some of the sites we submit to:
  • Traffic-Bug submits sites to 1,000+ directories, building backlinks while doing so
  • We can also submit sites to micro blogs such as squidoo, hub, weebly, etc because when you build backlinks to micro blogs it builds deep, powerful 3-way backlinks.
  • Most companies charge $120 per 1,000 directory submissions
  • Traffic-Bug lets you submit an unlimited number of sites to build 1,000 backlinks at a low, monthly price

As you might know by now – the name of the game is backlinks to be successful on the internet. So, try this awesome tool to promote your website or blog and have every article you write bookmarked and get your site added to hundreds of directories.

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WordPress Comment Spam is Increasing

Have any of you other bloggers out there noticed that the amount of spam comments has increased lately?  I am getting really tired of going through the comments and clicking on the “spam” button.

I think there are too many automated commenting software tools around lately. I am using the Askimet plugin and another one to stop spam called:  WP-Spam Free, but they aren’t stopping the flood of ridiculous comments. I am about to make sure I am upgraded to the latest version of WordPress.  (I am not but will be as soon as I post this.)

I’ll try to post again to see if upgrading to WordPress 3.0.1 helps at all. I really don’t want to turn off the commenting features of my blog. So, if anyone has a tip to make these dumb comments stop, please let me know! Also, if I marked someone’s legitimate comment as spam, let me know and I will fix my error.

UPDATE: I looked up more ways to stop comment spam. In the WordPress Dashboard, under the Settings, there are a couple of places to either moderate or blacklist words commonly used in spam comments or you can enter the IP address of the spammers and moderate or blacklist those! Since I get repeat spam comments from some of the same people I used this feature (that I had not tried before) and so far it has successfully stopped most of the WordPress comment spam.

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Keywords and Web Traffic

This is a hot topic for internet marketers or for anyone who wants to get websites to be found in the search engines. Using the right keywords on your pages and in the code (meta tags for the title, etc.) is one of the most basic and effective SEO techniques. That is easy, but knowing which keywords are the best to use is not easy. I have to say that with the tool I use, it is far easier than ever before.

Market Samurai can replace an entire team of SEO researchers.

Market Samurai Free TrialI am a total, die-hard fan of this tool I used called Market Samurai. It is software that helps me analyze keywords. This tool gives you so much information, it is like having a huge team of SEO experts at your fingertips. I use it to get statistics about whether a keyword is good (in that it is actually searched for on the internet). I can also find out how good it is – such as, how often is it searched for and how many pages are already using it. Another awesome bit of detective work that Market Samurai does is it will show you the top 10 websites that rank for a keyword or keyword phrase. In other words, you can take a look at your competition before you even try to optimize for a phrase. This kind of research used to take hours or even days (and the results were still often vague). Now you can find your keywords quickly and the data associated with them (numbers of people, numbers of websites) is more accurate.

Spying on the competition in this way can alter your decision to use a particular phrase. You may find that the competition is too hard to beat – at least in the short term. Finding that out can make the difference between not having any traffic for a new site using a highly-competitive keyword phrase or getting some traffic by using less competitive phrases.

Don’t pay for keywords – Get some FREE!

Don’t let the cuteness of the samurai logo dissuade you from taking this software or these guys who created it seriously. They are at the cutting edge of the industry! I’ve told many friends about this tool – and that is because I think it rocks! Also, you can use it for a while for free and get free keywords. I honestly believe in this tool and have bragged on the creators many times in the past. Now I’m excited to have become an affiliate of theirs. I wanted to let you know about that and disclose it so that if you think my opinion is tainted by the fact that I might make a few dollars when someone uses the links on this page to purchase Market Samurai, then I can understand that. But I really want to assure you that just because I rave about it, you don’t have to take my word for it, you can try it for yourself. And there is no risk to try it, but you’ll  have access to tons of help with how to use the software. The training videos alone teach you good keyword research strategies and are worth watching.

Anyway, I could talk all day about why I love using a keyword research tool – and why I think Market Samurai is the best. But you can check it out for yourself and use their free trial.

Market  Samurai free trial

A bit about the creators of Market Samurai: The company, Noble Samurai and their team have been into internet marketing for a while now. They actually developed their keyword research tool because they found the other products on the market hard to use and they felt there were too many gaps in the data – or the data was ambiguous and, therefore, not very helpful. I’ve heard them speak about how they created this and how to use Market Samurai and they are dedicated and smart. They actually understand the intricacies and importance of SEO and the use of keywords, as well as the frustrations of trying to get more traffic for websites.

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