Why I Love Affiliate Marketing (and my Secret Weapon)

Why I Love Affiliate Marketing of Physical Products.

  • I don’t have to buy the products and store them to sell them.
  • No customer service needed, no 800 phone numbers, no dealing with shipping hassles.
  • I can test markets cheaply and easily to see which I want to spend more time or money on.
  • The products sell themselves and I don’t have to create a squeeze page or separate website for each one.
  • Products do not change as rapidly as other affiliate stuff (like CPA offers which come and go all the time).
  • I can set up a niched product website with departments and categories (which customers AND search engines love)
  • I can make an online store with many pages and products – which is considered more authoritative than a blog with a couple of products.
  • I can do market research in order to convert a store from affiliate marketing to drop shipping if I decide the products will sell.
  • And I make money WHILE I SLEEP!

My Secret Weapon for Creating Web Stores for Products

I use this inexpensive but powerful affiliate store builder that gets my products found in the search engines. This system is the best I have seen for adding affiliate products with the image, price, affiliate link, description and the ability to edit all of those things. Plus you can put in your own meta tags (for those in SEO, you know how important that is).

The system I use is from Bizzites (which used to be Traffic Genesis and My Affiliate Store). With it, I have build several successful websites that look like e-commerce stores but are actually affiliate marketing websites. The customer comes in, finds a product and the product pages link to the vendor that sells them – where the customer uses their website. EVERYTHING they buy in that session counts toward my commission. And the cookies that keep track of where someone went to that vendor from last for a month or more. So, if that customer goes back to purchase something within that time frame, I am credited with that sale, too.

The commissions are not high for physical products (not like selling downloadable stuff from Clickbank), but you CAN add clickbank products or any affiliate product from any affilate network or even a store you are an affiliate of.  

Here is the BIG difference – this is a store builder that has products (from datafeeds) already loaded into the system. All you do is add them to your website – they come in with the price, picture, description, keywords, etc. and you can design your store to have departments and categories to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for.

Actually, there are so many features I find it hard to tell you all of them, so click on that banner and try it out! If you end up buying the system, I would recommend the plan that allows you to build multiple sites. I am telling you, this is NOT expensive – and you can get the hosting included, which makes it really easy for a new online marketer.

Here are some stores that were built with Bizzites:

Drawing Tables and Easels

Woodworking Heaven

All Scrapbook Albums

On the first one, there is not even a custom logo or banner, but the site converts and sells really well – an real no brainer to make a site like this!

The other 2 example sites have had more artwork added, but nothing that difficult (except for the professionally designed banner at the top of Woodworking Heaven which was something I did to customize the template).

I’m telling you, if you’d like to try this out for yourself, go check out the promotional page. There is a free trial. You have to get on their mailing list to do the trial. Als, if you do the trial, contact me and I will personally give you some tips from the standpoint of someone who’s been using this system for 2 years (only contact me if you are serious about this, though). I give better tips than the guys who sell this, so trust me, I can help you if you need it.

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  1. To make the most conversions you need to set up a video on your landing page. The video should talk about the benefits of the product, services, and not the features. The most important thing to do in a landing page is to provide content and value about your product. If you do not want a video to talk about your products, then you need to have yourself in the video. This is important, because you need to brand yourself in order to portray yourself as a leader. People need somebody to follow that they can learn from. You simply need to talk about what you have to offer for the prospect, or what your business can offer them. A video captures a person’s attention better then text.

  2. Here’s a tip for all you newbie Internet Marketers: track your results so that you can know what is actually working. Use tools available online to be able to see where your website traffic is coming from and how it is getting to your website. When you find something that works keep doing it. This is probably one of, if not the biggest internet business secrets that you will read here.

  3. online jobs says:

    Keep up the amazing work!! I love how you wrote this and I also like the colors here on this site. did you create this yourself or did you outsource it to a coder??

  4. admin says:

    I modified a wordpress template – if I had more time I would change it some more.

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