Victims of Internet Marketer Perry Belcher

This news is not good to know if you have any faith at all in the things being promoted and sold on the Internet. I admit that I dabble in internet marketing and I have been a student of all the things that relate to the industry. This has included many things to do with creating websites, affiliate marketing physical products and downloadable products (such as ebooks). I’ve learned about using blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other methods to share offers and connect with potential customers.

In the process of learning about marketing online,  I have signed up for many “guru” marketers email lists. One of those “gurus” is Perry Belcher. I have just learned that he was charged with internet marketing fraud in 2008. He entered a guilty plea to multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. He was given 10 years of probation and there were many special conditions to his probation. His property was seized including his home, the money in his many bank accounts, his audio/video equipment, his four ATVs, his Harley motorcycle, his vintage Desoto, his Jaguar, and a Toyota and a Dodge truck were also seized. All of his property was sold at auction in order to provide the funds to pay his victims back. (see more about the court records). This means he’s gellin’ like a felon (for real, people are calling him the Internet Felon).

I knew he sold programs to internet marketers, but I was not aware of the medical products he sold. This is the shameful part, in my opinion. Selling fake pills to sick people is just PITIFUL and evil. He had a company called Selmedica. He created a persona of a doctor (using a clip art photo and made-up name) in order to give his products credibility. He also quoted fake statistics about supposed medical trials for his “cures”. This type of snake oil product promotion is as old as the hills, but the internet allows unscrupulous people to put a slick new spin on selling ineffective and unproven medicine. It is really sad that people don’t know any better (some say they are just plain stupid) to buy pills to enlarge breasts or dissolve freckles (yes he sold stuff like that). But the worst offense is the supposed cures for serious diseases and medical problems that he was selling. Here is a page that explains the fraudulent medical remedies in detail: Perry Belcher Victim Search.

The search is on for victims of Perry Belcher’s marketing schemes.

If you bought his Secret Cure Disease Ebook, any Selmedica or Increase Media product, the police want to hear from you. To contact them, call the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office at (901) 545-3268 or email them at

Do I still belive there are reputable products being marketed online? Yes, I do, but I will be far more careful and will check out the websites, their owners,  the products, and the claims being made about them. I hope everone will do the same.

I first read about this at a seriously entertaining website (from which I borrowed the term “Internet felon”): Salty Droid. Hat’s off to that site for covering the topic so well.

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