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Traffic-bug is a great tool for improving your website’s search engine rankings. With it’s ability to help you post your site to search engines, social bookmarking sites, Website directories and RSS directories, you’ll be able to to on autopilot while gaining more backlinks.

The great news for you, if you have any doubts, is that you can sign up for an 11 day free trial!

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Here are a few more details about the features and benefits:

  • Submits bookmarks to 43 of the top Social Bookmarking sites
  • Builds more bookmarks than any of their competitors – Over 200!
  • Rotates IP’s and social bookmarking accounts for every single submission
  • Automatically rotates titles and descriptions for every single post
  • Unlike other programs, you don’t have to create any social bookmarking accounts – Traffic-Bug creates all of them!
  • Constantly expanding the number of social bookmarking accounts!
  • Traffic-Bug submits your Blog Feed or RSS Feed to all the major RSS feed directories automatically.
  • Traffic-Bug submits your site to over 138 different search engines getting you indexed even faster by Google! Below are just some of the sites we submit to:
  • Traffic-Bug submits sites to 1,000+ directories, building backlinks while doing so
  • We can also submit sites to micro blogs such as squidoo, hub, weebly, etc because when you build backlinks to micro blogs it builds deep, powerful 3-way backlinks.
  • Most companies charge $120 per 1,000 directory submissions
  • Traffic-Bug lets you submit an unlimited number of sites to build 1,000 backlinks at a low, monthly price

As you might know by now – the name of the game is backlinks to be successful on the internet. So, try this awesome tool to promote your website or blog and have every article you write bookmarked and get your site added to hundreds of directories.

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