Kudos to Ed Dale’s Thirty Day Challenge

I started this series of “Waves & Warnings” about Internet marketing programs that are currently making the rounds and being promoted. My last post was about a warning with anyone thinking of trying out the “free” DVD from Shawn Casey – it’s not free – you are agreeing to sign up for a $99 / per month subscription. Oh yeah, you can cancel it if you ever can find out how – read my “warning” post here: Warning – Feeling Almost Scammed

Now I have good news to report. There ARE Internet marketers that won’t scam you. In fact, the person I am going to talk about (Ed Dale) won’t even charge you a penny. No tricks, no lies, no shady tactics! Of course he does sell other programs and products, but the one I am going to talk about is totally free – and has so much value it is almost unbelievable.

I am talking about the Thirty Day Challenge that is held every August. This is a challenge to make $1 online in a month (without spending any money in the process). It has been going on for about five years. I’ve particpated in those that took place in 2007 and 2008. Right now, you can go check out the pre-season information at Thirty Day Challenge. If you go to that website, you can sign up and start recieving the emails that will walk you through each day of the challenge.  Also, you will be able to go look at the training here: Thirty Day Challenge Training. And there is a blog to keep people informed, as well as an awesome forum where participants post messages and help each other.

How does the free training and the challenge work?

In July, there are sporadic emails you will receive with instructions about tools and internet techniques that will be used during the challenge. These are good to get started with right away, because, if you are going to do the 30 day challenge, you will be busy each day in August. Every day that month, there will be at least one video (usually more than one). Each day the videos will walk you through a system for making money online with no investment on your part. Many people apply the techniques they learn to their existing online businesses. Others – probably the majority of participants – are just starting out and use this as an opportunity to learn more aobut Internet marketing. There are also live Internet broadcasts where Ed Dale will answer questions (and the place those take place have a chat feature where participants can talk to Ed and to each other during the broadcast).

I’ve learned tons from this guy -  and I have successfully applied many of those “secrets” and tricks or techniques of how to make money to some of my websites where I am trying to make an income.  OK -  I guess I should “fess up” that during the 2007 challenge I didn’t make my $1 in the first month – but in 2008 I did make more than a dollar in that first month!

So if you want to learn more about how people make money online, or if you want to learn ways to do that more successfully, you would really like this program.

Summary: I give a big “Wave” (thumbs up, kudos, bravo) to the Thirty Day Challenge for being one of the best Internet marketing training programs available.

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  2. admin says:

    I have the latest version of Safari and it looks just fine to me. I suspect your comment was only to advertise your website – which I removed, since you really are not adding to the conversation (you are only marketing)