Internet Marketing Stuff – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I’m a little “riled up” at the moment. I just avoided getting ripped off and I really need to say something about this!

Here is some background. I am a relatively new internet marketer. I am trying, like so many others, to make money online with websites and blogs that review products and offer links to buy those products. I sign up for emails from other marketers and check out their techniques and products. This can be a very educational thing. It can also be dangerous to your pocketbook if you end being tricked by a scammer.

I guess I should consult a lawyer before I write what I am about to, but I am not a rich internet marketer and I don’t even HAVE a lawyer. I hope I can say this diplomatically so that I won’t need one.

Here’s what has me ticked off. I signed up to read about the stuff that Shawn Casey promotes. I mean, I know he’s rich and I thought, maybe there are some pointers I can learn. I also was suspicious of some of his methods and wanted to check him out. Well, I was offered this DVD if I just paid for the shipping. And I ordered it for just over $7. It was very late in arriving. But after it got to me, I watched some of it and wasn’t that impressed. But what was really sad is I never saw the folded up letter in the package – and it had a very important thing (that wasn’t really emphasized in any emails and the part of the letter wasn’t in bold either! That was the fact that I had actually joined this club (that I never wanted to join) and that I was going to be charged $99 a month.

Needless to say, it never really mentions that fact anywhere but in that one piece of paper that was crumpled down at the bottom of the shipping envelope. And I only realized that I was about to lose some money when I got a “your order has been shipped” email. Then, I went to my online banking to see what my credit card was charged (and it was more than $99).

I quickly called and cancelled the “membership” and was promised that the charge would be removed from my credit card. I’ll have to update you on that later. But, my point is, that this may not be an actual scam, but it comes very close in that the contact information is never clear. You can’t find where to sign in to cancel the order – and the fact that you HAVE TO CANCEL isn’t obvious. This explains why some internet marketers get so rich!

I stil haven’t found out where (if there is a place) to go cancel your “membership”. And there are no phone numbers to call (unless you end up getting charged and you get that phone number from your credit card bill).

So, don’t do what I did unless you actually want to pay for this kind of membership! I’ll describe more about it in another post. Needless to say, this is one internet marketer that I will not be “copying” their business practices… (read the ongoing updates about my $10K club problem).

I plan to write more about these people with their email lists and what they are all about. I think I will call it Internet Marketing Waves and Warnings. Waves would be marketers or products I find favorable (do the wave) and warnings is self explanatory – things to be aware of before you get involved.

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One Response to Internet Marketing Stuff – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  1. Robin says:

    I would like to comment on this also as I ordered the same video and still have not received it. I ordered it on May 31 and it has been a month and I could not find anywhere to cancel this membership. I checked all my emails with Shawn Casey and there was no reply email for this membership that I joined. I eventually found an 800 number to call and they cancelled it and hopefully it was on time before I see a bill on my visa. I too have lost all trust in this person as I see 2 or 3 emails a day trying to sell everyone’s crap.
    I am also starting out with this internet marketing business and I find it very frustrating with all the emails I get from people trying to sell all this crap on the internet. One thing I did find out if there is a membership fee involved, at the bottom of the sales page there is sometimes 2 or 3 links for privacy, support and terms of use, if you click on them it sometimes tells you if there is a monthly membership involved.

    Good luck and I hope you succeed!