Feeling Almost Scammed

I made a post on my page about Internet Marketing – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly because of a recent incident where I failed to read one small thing that was kind of hidden and I almost lost over $100. I guess if you think that isn’t much money, you don’t need to read what I have to say. Because for me, I find that making even $100 through online selling can be difficult. I sure hate to lose that hard-earned money.

So, I ordered a DVD from Shawn Casey about his 10K club. He says it’s about how to get $10,000 a month faster and easier than you ever though possible.

I don’t remember the emails ever saying that by ordering the DVD they promoted that I had actually joined something I would have to pay for monthly. I never saw that on the DVD cover, or on the actual disk label. I never heard that said in the actual video, either. This to me is just short of a scam tactic. It is my fault completely that  I never saw the folded up piece of paper in the shipping envelope that actually said that I would have to cancel my membership (or I would be charged every month – and get another DVD).

So, I was able to get out of being a member and am supposed to get that $100+ back. We’ll see about that! But as far as the contents of the DVD, it covers the basics of internet marketing (mostly about email marketing, PPC marketing and some mention of free traffic). It also makes it clear that you should not just be selling, but be making customers. The point being, you would get customers to subscribe to something monthly. There is nothing wrong with any of the content, as it is. It also doesn’t tell you HOW to do any of the above. I suppose that if I wanted to watch the webinars and keep paying each month I would have access to more detailed information.

I just am not interested in learning through a subscription – probably because I am aware of ways to gain all this knowledge (and more) through other marketers’ videos. Actually many good ones are on Youtube. In fact, there are free courses for learning about internet marketing (and they don’t over promise by saying you will make a million dollar business). No one should promise such a thing – there are just too many factors that are unknown (about the person you are teaching, about changes in the internet, etc.)

So, why would I pay for someone to slowly dole out information (while they charge me monthly) when I can learn more from a free course such as Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge (which I will be giving a Wave review to soon). So, for the price alone, and the slow delivery of actualy USEFUL information, I would give this a rating of: Warning!


Well, I don’t have good news yet. Here is the history. In May I ordered the 10K club DVD to see what it was about (the offer was that I only pay for shipping). The paper that came with it doesn’t elaborate on the “Membership” or that you are actually in a club, it just says

“After you dig into the DVD’s and the online videos, I’m sure you’ll agree that the $10K Club is an amazing bargain at just $99 a month. We’ll be charging your credit card one month after you joined and then we’ll send your next member package.”

Joined…WHAT? I never joined anything.

On July 26th I got an email saying my order was shipped. That was my first clue that there was a problem! (So I checked my credit card and on July 17 I had been billed for $104.94.I called the number listed with the credit transaction to tell them to cancel it and refund me. They said I had to receive the order and return it to get my money back. It is now July 1, and the shipment has not arrived. I hope it does so I can return it and get my money back. This is sooooo close to being a scam (I am livid)!

This is what I think is so wrong:

  • The emails never said clearly that I was going to be billed monthly. That one piece of paper that did was stuffed down in the shipping envelope (which I overlooked at first).
  • The website that you go to for information says nothing about how to cancel.
  • The support site says nothing about how to cancel.
  •  The content on the actual DVD says nothing about how to cancel.
  • Neither the printed outside cover of the DVD case nor the printed label on the disk say a thing about how to cancel.

You see… they make it easy FOR THEM to take your money and hard FOR YOU to get your money back. You can search the internet for Shawn Casey scam and you will see others feel the same way I do.

UPDATE #2 – YAY, I got a refund!  I had to send that 2nd DVD back. It wasn’t hard to get the refund AFTER going through a lot of trouble with trying to figure out that I was signed up for a membership I didn’t want. I bet lots of people don’t catch on right away and that probably adds up to quite a bit of money for Shawn Casey. Kind of a slick system – and really it needs to be much more transparent about HOW to get out of the membership.

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14 Responses to Feeling Almost Scammed

  1. Liam says:

    Hey. I’m in a similar situation and just wanted to say so. I cannot find a way to ‘unsubscribe’ anywhere through the members area at all…I’m willing to let the money spent slide, mostly because the information isn’t bad perse, just not as “forthcoming” (which I believe he admitted to somewhere, so people don’t lose focus and be overwhelmed – inside the area I assume).

    But the thing is…I’m a university student living off a small allowance (about $80 a week)…that makes that membership alone over a week of my “income” (not including my rent, having to eat etc). I really can’t afford to keep the membership going…

    On the positive side though, I have to say ‘The Jackal’ pack thing, is good material. Even if some might complain it’s simplistic…there are slight nuances and details in there that I think make it valuable. And unlike most other programs I’ve looked at, he does not ‘string you on’ using the ‘funneling system.’ It’s a one time payment. Which I am thankful for…now I just need to figure this 10k club thing out.

  2. admin says:

    Hey Liam,
    I actually was going to be charged $99 every month! I did get a refund though (I had to send the 2nd DVD back – so I only lost the cost of shipping)

    The way I found out how to call them to cancel was through the charge on my credit card – there was a number to call – it was 800-750-3436. You might want to make sure you aren’t subscribed for them to charge you every month!

  3. Mary says:

    I also ordered the DVD. I didn’t remember what it said when I ordered so it might be my own lack of care.

    I am retired and cannot afford $99 a month exter so when the charge showed up in my bank account, I called the phone number on the order charge as well as calling my bank and complaining about the charge. There was no clarity about who the charge was actually from so I asked for a credit. the bank put it through a day or three later.

    I also canceled the card number they were using just to make sure no further charges came through.

    It took close to 2 weeks to receive the 2nd DVD which I marked “Refused” and gave it back to the mailman. It then took close to 2 weeks for the DVD to be received back and about another 2 weeks to get the credit. They DID come through.

    Then I contacted the bank to let them know I had received a refund from the vendor. The reversal of the credit should be coming through soon.

    Please READ all exposed details of an order. If they try to slip extra info AFTER you have clicked for the payment, call and make sure the card is canceled immediately and the order refused at the bank or credit card. I had one order pull this clearly sneaky technique. Not Shawn Casey, either.

  4. Cali says:

    I just checked my credit card and had a charge of $49.97 with the name Shawn Casey and a 1 800 number beside it. I had no idea what this was but knew I did not authorize it. I called my credit card company and sure enough after that charge was authorized there were many other attempted charges. My card issuer is great, caught it quickly that numerous charges were being made from various locations, and put an immediate hold on my card. Phew. Glad I caught it when I did.

    Looks like Shawn Casey will get you, even if you don’t sign up for anything.

  5. Maria says:


    I just had to add my two-cents. As it turns out the letter you say was stuffed in the bottom of the envelope was in fact wrapped around the DVD set when I got it. On the website it was made very clear to me that I was joining a club. Right at the top of the credit card form there is also a whole section on the CLUB you are joining. I don’t understand how anyone can blame Shawn Casey for their own ignorance in not reading what you are purchasing. By the way, I also contact their support email, just as it says on the website, and I got through to them with no problem whatsoever. There was no need to cancel my credit card or even contact my bank. That is what you get when you read before making a purchase, common sense.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks Maria,
    You are right that it seems like it is common sense to join a club and know you are getting into a subscription, but I honesty thought it was a trial and that I would be notified if I wanted to join as a permanent member. So, I posted about it just so others WOULD read that page better than I had!

  7. Henry says:

    Hi Guys,

    I was searching for how to cancel my membership to Shawn Caseys 10k a month club when I found this thread. I find it very irritating also when I have to go to the extremes to find the process for cancelling. Of course, he is hoping that you are happy with the product, but in this case, it is very very newbie and at best, it is under $27 in value for the first two cds and Shawn is charging $99 a month. Way too much for what he is offering. I have entire video tutorial sets that were either $1 or sometimes $27, but never $99 per month! There are far too many “gurus” are giving away their best stuff to get you hooked!

  8. Evany says:

    This is for Henry above, what you neglect to note is that it’s not just the cd’s you are getting. You also get access to the members area which is full of top notch training for any newbie. There are video tutorials there that are essential to a newbie starting out who needs to build a website and do a bunch of other things. There is also full training on generating free traffic to your website. Some people get stuck on what they get angry about but don’t look into what they have purchased more thoroughly. Any customer can go to http://www.goldwaressupport.com and get any question or issue resolved. No company should have to take a customer by the hand to ensure they read what they are purchasing or getting into. That completely falls on the shoulder of the buyer.

  9. Tay Jui Chuan says:

    So may i know how to effectively cancel the 10k club membership.
    I am one of the victim too.
    Thank you.

  10. admin says:

    Hi Tay,
    You should hear from someone about canceling if you go to http://www.goldwaressupport.com – I was able to call them by getting their number from my credit card bill. I did finally get my “membership” canceled. I hope you are able to.

  11. Fran Watson says:

    I am a “member” of this club too. I thought I had cancelled it, but I just got another bill. I never received any additional materials past the first DVD. If I am supposed to be getting one monthly as part of this club, it has failed to show up. I have yet to go and visit the site that I am a member of and I am now $400 poorer. A sum I could not really afford. I was advised that it clearly states that I would be charged $99. per month, but like others, I did not clearly register this in my brain. I have now asked for it to be cancelled by replying to a support email, so I expect that they will comply…a little too late for me. I seem to recall them saying that they couldn’t give the money back once it was charged.


  12. admin says:

    Bummer! I was able to get a refund for one of the months because it was the 2nd one and they had sent a DVD – I had to send the DVD back to get my refund though. They really need to make it more transparent as to the membership thing (and how to cancel!)

  13. admin says:

    Another thing – if you did not recieve anything you should be able to get a refund or dispute the charges through your credit card company. How I was able to speak to the 10k support people was by calling my credit card company, and using the refernce information on my bill to get the 10k phone number. Then if they won’t help, you could possibly dispute some of the charges through your credit card.

  14. Dario Fraker says:

    Great post. Thanks!