I am posting this disclosure in order to make it clear as to my purpose for recommending or writing about the products I have on this blog - and to comply with the FTC guidelines which are requiring bloggers to make it more transparent as to when or how they are being paid or whether they are paid for testimonials on their blogs.

I have not been paid to write any of the content on this blog. All the opinions and statements are my own and should be taken as just opinions. I use affiliate links for products that I feel are useful for my readers or blog visitors. Affiliate links allow me to make a very small commission if a visitor uses the link to purchase a product I have recommended.

How do I decide what to recommend:

I only recommend products that I have bought and used or that I have heard about from a friend who has made a recommendation. I also write about products and services that I cannot recommend (they might be of low quality or even a potential scam). I do not own and have not created any of the products I have written about or recommended, so If anyone uses my recommendations to purchase a product or service, PLEASE check out the product and the company you buy it from thoroughly and check on any refund or return policies or terms of service these companies have, should you find you are unsatisfied after a purchase.  I can only state results I have gained (or lost) from a product and those results may not be typical for all who have bought and used those products.

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