About Us

Right now, the “Us” is just “Me” but I am hoping for an “us” or a team to help me with my web endeavors at some point. I am a professional graphic designer and a huge student of Internet marketing and wanted to share some advice or information about the latest in Internet Marketing & tips for using SEO with WordPress blogs. I also recommends sources for WordPress templates for niche blogs.

Why did I create this website?

Well, sometime ago I figured out that it is unlikely that I will gain a tidy sum from a lottery (even though I get those emails). And it’s very unlikely (though I continue to hope) that the Prize Patrol will show up at my door with the Publishers Clearing House millions – written on a huge check with my name on it. So, as I’ve been contemplating about ways to supplement my modest income from my j.o.b. as an graphic designer I’ve been reading tons of information about how to make money online. I decided I better stop reading about it and start doing something!

What am I doing?

I have investigated the following aspects of internet marketing: affiliate marketing (selling physical products or selling downloadable things, such as ebooks), using Google and Yahoo PPC ads, getting money from adsense, making money from an email list, and I could go on and on. I’ve been successful at some of my affiliate marketing attempts (though I seem to sell physical products better than I can sell download and ebooks), I’m blogging and making adsense money, too. My latest posts are about the good vs. the bad internet marketing products and promoters. I hope to steer new internet marketers away from worthless, overly-hyped stuff, so they can spend their hard-earned money on the programs or products that will give them their money’s worth.

The blogging got me really interested in WordPress as a platform or tool and I’ve been studying how the software works and learning how to design WordPress themes. That is how WordPress Theme Studio was born – I wanted my own themes (because I am a picky designer). I also wanted to create themes for others – themes that are not readily available for niche marketers. I’ve only just begun and hope to have time to start this theme selling business. In the mean time, I plan to share information about what I am learning here on this blog.

I hope some of this will help someone else who’s trying to blog or attempting internet marketing! And if you find that something I’ve done or said has helped you, PLEASE do me a favor in return by taking just a few minutes to favorite or bookmark this site in your favorite social bookmarking site (Stumbleupon, Digg, Technorati, etc.)

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